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Men are Increasingly Rejecting Relationships and Marriage With Western Modern Women

As more and more wetsern men find the women in their societies unsuitable for relationships and marriage, they are increasingly going overseas to find more suitable replacements. Countries such as the Philippines, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and all accross Africa, have seen an exponential growth in the amount of western men visiting their shores in search of wives. This is in addition to traditional countries men have always visited, such as Ukraine, Russia, and many countries in Eastern Europe.

The rapid rise in this phenomena has led to movements fiercely promoting its effectiveness. One such well known movement is called “The Passport Bros”, now largely made up of black men, but is increasingly attracting men of other races. Therefore, now there are even distinctions between Black Passport Bros, White Passport Bros, Asian Passport Bros, Latin Passport Bros, etc. You may be thinking, why would Asian and Latin men be part of the Passport Bros movement, when women of those ethnicities are usually seen as more suitable? The answer lies in the fact that these women, when living or raised in the western cultured society, have picked up and internalized all the undesirable traits from which the Passport Bros and other western men are fleeing . As a result, the Latin, Asian, African, and East Europen man living in the west, would rather go back to those countries to select women who are not tainted by western culture and modern women ideals.

Naturally, as you would expect, this has gotten the women of the west very angry and, as a result, they are publicly saying hateful and uninformed things about the more desired women from the other countries, where the men are going to seek wives. And, as you would expect, the desired women of those countries are not taking the attacks without fighting back.

A Summary of Why Men are Leaving Western Women Behind

I think there are a variety of reasons, but here are some of the recurring ones:

  1. Western women are too picky. I’ve frequently heard that western women want 666. 6 feet tall, 6 figure income, 6 pack abs. We’re not talking about Victoria Secret models who are 5′11″ themselves but rather your average western woman of 5′5″ is also looking for men over 6ft. Aside the statistics that world wide only 3% of the population is over 6 feet and you can understand why many western men see these unrealistic standards that western women have, as waste of time, energy, and resources to pursue them.
  2. Western women aren’t traditional. A lot of men complain that many women today don’t know how to cook anything other than a pre-packaged meal, don’t clean, and don’t have a nurturing/caring side to them. Statistics do show that a lot of western women are putting off child bearing or foregoing it entirely in pursuit of career or education. And if a man is looking to get married for the purpose of having kids, obviously this will make neither partner happy. These men are searching for women from who won’t let their man leave the house with an empty stomach or “full balls or testacles”.
  3. The risk isn’t worth the reward. While it is true that the me-too movement has exposed a lot of sexual harassment at the highest levels of society and done much good there have also been a lot of false accusations with equally disastrous outcomes. In today’s workplace any infraction no matter how small can irreparably destroy a man’s reputation and subsequently his career prospects. I remember reading a story not too long ago, where a woman was claiming she was sexually harassed, but in her own account of the story, she claims he asked her out for coffee she said no and he apologized and left her alone. That man was then fired from his job and lost his income. Some may call it cowardice, but I do think to lose your job over inviting a girl for coffee is a bit too much, so why then would a man want to risk the interaction with a westen woman?
  4. Hostile divorce and family courts. To get married to a western woman, or even to have a child with her, is a very risky move for a man. Divorce rates are sky-high with over 50% of marriages end in divorce, and women initiate 80% of them. Surprisingly, a high portion of the reason she initiates them is because she is simply, not happy. In a divorce, over 90% of the time, the man ends up having to pay alimony and child support and loses half or more of his assets. Ultimately, because men know they could be destroyed, not only from losing their freedom, and being financially exploited, but to also lose custody of their children. It’s common knowledge that the courts favor women over men. They’re renowned for favoring women regarding the division of assets, child support, and alimony even, believe it or not, if they aren’t married.
Hypergamous Western Women Are Never Happy

It is said that the western women cannot be pleased. She is either never happy or temporarily happy. What she wants most is, more, and when she gets that, it is temporary, because sooner or later, she will want, you guessed it, more. The prevailing thought in many masculine circles is that western women are no different than the bank vaults they so love. If the guy has the right combination (One that includes A LOT of zeros in it) they will open right up. They practice hypergamy to an almost religious level and will simply monkey branch from man to the next man who has more money and resources to offer, and that would be with out a second thought. And, if there is a second thought, she will quickly justify her behavior as being one she is entitled to and deserving, and that it is the losing man’s fault for not living up to her standards. The majority of the times it does not even matter if there are children involved and who will be on the losing end of this hypergamy and monkey branching.

No loyalty, no consideration. They will use you, cheat on you with your best friend, your brother AND your father, then leave you for whichever has the most money, and take more than 50% of everything you own, without a second thought. And, they have the government and the courts as their enforcers.

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