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But first, a very important step….where to find your Affiliate Link.

Your Affiliate Link URL can be found in the Creatives Section. It looks like this, “https://wifebeautifulfilipinas.com/?wpam_id=XX”, where XX is a number unique to you. This is the link to use with all your customer referrals, including Filipina-FREE, so that you can be credited when the signup does occur. Once the customer uses your Affiliate Link to access our website, by us using website cookies, he or she is assigned as your customer for 30 days. Therefore, any signups done within that 30 days from first entering the website, will be credited to you for sales commission determination purposes.

This is the affiliates section of this store. If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel.

If you are not an affiliate, but wish to become one, you will need to apply. The application is FREE. However, to apply, you must be a registered user on this platform. Registered Affiliates are not required to personally use the dating services. If you have an existing account on this platform, please log in. If not, please register.

Marketing and Sales Reminder

Where You Can Find Potential Customers to Market Your Affiliate Link
For Filipinas:
  1. Make a profile at dating sites and contact men there, and encourage them to continue the chat with you over on our platform. For this to work, you would clearly also have to make a FREE dating profile on our platform to enable this two-way communication. Some examples of dating platforms are:
  2. Make a profile at social media sites and contact men there, and encourage them to continue the chat with you over on our platform. Some examples of social media platforms where you can direct message people or make direct comments on their pages are:
    • Instagram – search for influencers for anything such as dating, Asian women, Filipinas, any theme you would like. Then contact the followers of the influencer either via messaging or commenting.
    • Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages. A simple search for dating or , even more specifically, Filipino or Asian dating, will return many groups, some with even million or more members that one can message or make comments to.
    • Twitter – very similar concept to Facebook and Instagram.
    • TikTok – very similar concept to Facebook and Instagram.
    • Snapchat – very similar concept to Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Ask friends, and a list of their friends, to signup. If you have 20, 40, 60 single female friends, and you get them and they each also get their 20, 40, 60 single female friends to signup, that is a lot of potential to earn money. And, your friends themselves can also signup to the Affiliate Program and also earn money. So, there is potential for everybody to earn money.
  4. Other Methods – many other methods exist to market your affiliate link. Methods such as email, classified personals, WhatsApp marketing, SMS marketing, banner advertising, and more.
Important Consideration

Inviting your prospects to chat with you on our platform does not have to mean you are pursuing dating relationships with any or all of them. If you are not personally seriously or honestly interested in any of them, then you can certainly introduce them to friends of yours who are on our platform, or even if such a friend is not there yet, you can ask her to do the Filipina-FREE sign up, and connect with your referred member. Plus, you referred member can still contact any other Filipina who is already signed up on the platform.

For All Others (Men, Transgender, and Non Filipinas)

Everything for Filipinas, you can also do. But, with the exception that, if you choose to go the route of engaging your prospects in chatting on our platform, creating a profile on our platform is not FREE. FREE dating profiles are only available to Filipinas living in the Philippines. However, you don’t need to have a profile with us to refer customers and earn money. All you need is your affiliate link.

Membership TypeSales Commission (US dollars & Filipino pesos)
1 Week Trial (per member signup)US$6 or ₱300 pesos
Monthly (per member signup)US$20 or ₱1000 pesos
Quarterly (per member signup)US$50 or ₱2500 pesos
Annual (per member signup)US$175 or ₱8750 pesos
Filipina-FREE (per 100 members signup) – does not include transgender signupsUS$40 or ₱2000 pesos


As a reminder, the 100 Filipina-FREE signups are paid for only if they DO NOT INCLUDE ANY TRANSGENDERS. This is because, based on very recent research, only a very small minority of our paid users are interested in pursuing dating relationships with transgenders. For men it would be less than 3% and for women it would be less than 1.5%. Since signups for Filipinas living in the Philippines are FREE, this task probably will take you less than 1 or 2 hours in total time to complete, as you can easily send out group messages and group followup reminders to your large friend base. Therefore, the commission payment for only 2 TOTAL hours of work, consisting of several minutes per day for a few days, is very generous.

For Filipina-FREE referrals, it is still best to give your referral or friend your Affiliate Link to signup, so that our system gives you the credit for her membership. This makes it easier to keep track of the total number of Filipina-FREE users referred by you and consequently how many remain until you reach the 50 level threshold that is required for commission payment release. By doing it this way, it removes any doubt and confusion of which belongs to whom, because several Affiliates may be referring different Filipina-FREE users at the same time.

In addition, ALL Filipina-FREE signups MUST HAVE VALIDATED their email address provided before any commission payment will be made. When a Filipina-FREE user signs up, the system sends an email to this user in which there is a validation link to confirm the email address provided. This is done to avoid signups with fake email addresses. Fake email addresses are a serious issue because it means that paid users who find the Filipina in a dating profile search and attempts to contact her, will instead receive a bounced failed response because the email address is fake or, if it is not fake, it belongs to someone else who did not signup to our platform.

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