Samantha Ambong

Samantha Ambong

I am a really open-minded girl who does not like to stereotype people before getting to know them. I am quite spontaneous and a risk-taker. I enjoy going to the gym as well as doing or watching sports.

At times, I can also be a laid-back person that enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Hiking and yoga are two of my favorite activities. I also love to travel! So, if you like to travel, have a good time, and aren’t scared to experience new things, don’t hesitate to join this dating platform and message me.

I’m seeking a man who is intelligent, funny, and not heavy into the bar scene. He should be adventurous and also easy to get along with. Is that you? Age does not matter to me. Since I am not a western woman, your bank account, six pack abs, and large pen_s size, are not deal breakers for me.

I’m a simple girl with simple tastes. I love to cook and I’m always game for a night out with family and friends. I’m looking for someone who is as comfortable snuggling as they are doing some serious hiking. Someone who enjoys talking about their hopes and dreams, as much as they enjoy talking about their latest outdoor adventure.

I’m a pretty chill person with a big heart and lots of love to give. I’m a coffee addict and my perfect weekend would be staying in and watching a movie or going out and doing something fun and spontaneous!

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