Virtual Chatting, Dating, and Sex

First time here? Read instructions below on how to do virtual chat, date, and sex. Otherwise, go drectly to virtual area. You can also bookmark the virtual area page for future direct access.

How to Instructions

Dating virtually on our platform is quite similar to dating in the physical world. Let’s think about it. Normally, you would meet someone, get to know them a bit, then when you build up the nerve, invite them out. So far so good, right? Next, you would pick a place or event, go on the date, and create the mood for a romantic connection. Ultimately, the hope is this will lead to a relationship, which includes sexual intimacy that is fulfilling to both parties.

So now you’re finally in our comfortable virtual area, where you can engage in chatting, dating, and yes, sex. Just follow these steps:

  • Room Name – this is where you create a room, just like you would find a place for a physical date
  • Search for users – invite users (who you have messaged or friended before and are now going on the date with). For this step, you only need to enter the username of the person or persons you are inviting to join you in the room.
  • Yes, naughty boy/girl, could be single or group date with one or more user/member
  • invited users and you can then go to the created room
  • turn on tools needed to virtually chat, date, or engage in intimacy and sex and intimacy
    • enable/open chat box
    • unmute video
    • unmute audio microphone
    • enable screen sharing, if needed
    • start activities

You can just simply chat, just as you would on platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, GoogleChat, and Facebook Messenger. Or, you could do much more than that and make things far more exciting and enjoyable, by taking advantage of revolutionary additional features. Upload YouTube/Vimeo links and enjoy the videos together. You are limited only by your imagination at this point. What’s more, you can combine the virtual activities with dinner, wine, or dessert on your date.

  • games
  • concerts
  • movies
  • comedy shows
  • TV programs
  • educational/documentary programs
  • listen to audios together (share your interests)
    • music (famous artists, emerging, all other types)
    • speeches/talks
  • virtual sex (see video suggestions at bottom of this page)

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